You can telephone the clinic where I work and leave a message for me:

The Annexe 01865 292883
Or you can e-mail me :
It is helpful if you could let me know a convenient time when I could return your call. In either case I will get back to you for a telephone conversation and to arrange an initial meeting.

The initial appointment
This is usually 90 minutes when we can explore the nature of your difficulties. This is an opportunity for you to experience how I work and whether this suits you. If you decide you would like to continue, we will think together about what you would like to achieve, whether this will be time-limited (a few weekly sessions) or open-ended longer term counselling. At all times this is open for review.

Further sessions contracted
Sessions are usually weekly and 90 minutes. All sessions contracted are charged for. Cancelled sessions or sessions that are not attended that have been contracted will be charged unless cancelled 24 hours in advance.

This is reviewed annually. Under special circumstances concessions will be available.